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Customer Reviews for the BD-35.

From: Arnie AF6PN
Please disregard my earlier comment concerning BD-35 compatability with DSTAR. Operator error on my part, that is too low a power setting set by me on my handheld. With 5 watts input into BD-35 unit is working great on DSTAR.

From: Mark W2MB
I drive this device with a Kenwood TH-F6A tri-band 2/220/440 HT. The device feeds a Comet SBB-224 Tri-band Vertical. It is designed for and works well on 2 meters and 440.

It indicates both VHF and UHF signal presence and makes strange sounds if driven with a 220 signal.

Mirage support says that it should be powered off and that it will pass the 220 signal. This is not true, even with the device powered down, it does not pass much 220 RF signal through to the antenna. It appears that the band sensing/ switching circuitry attenuates the 220 signal.

It works well for what it is designed, but doesn't tolerate or pass a 220 signal

$159.95 each

DUAL BAND 144/440 HT AMP, 45/35W OUT
$229.95 each

VHF, HT/MOBLE AMP, 200W OUT, 144-148 MHZ
$519.95 each

VHF, HT AMP, 3W-IN, 100W-OUT, 144-148 MHZ
$279.95 each

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