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Customer Reviews for the B-310-G.

From: Rudy WD4AB
I use this amplifier with a Yaesu FT 221R with 10 watt output on 2 meter SSB. The amp performs great and puts out a little over 100 watts, I receive excellent signal reports from DX stations. The receive amp is appreciated when working weak signal DX. Overall it is very good for the money.

From: Ed k3xz
I have had my B-310-G 15 years stored it in closet 1997 till 2013 and hooked it up to my Icom 706 first version, 10 watts in 100 plus out. It is tough and works great, got my moneys worth from this amp. I was driving to work and decided to go mobile since my travel was long, it did great going down into valleys when my signal gets lost a lot, once I hooked up the B-310-G the problem was solved. Great amp for the price. Thank you for reading my post. 73.

From: Curtis Wheat wx5stm
Great workhorse! working over 100 miles FM simplex on an omni directional Diamond X50.

VHF, HT AMP, 3W-IN, 100W-OUT, 144-148 MHZ
$279.95 each

VHF AMP,25W IN-160W OUT,144-148 MHZ
$439.95 each

VHF R.AMP,3-4W IN-120W OUT,145-148 MHZ
$709.95 each

$149.95 each

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