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Mirage precision SWR/Wattmeters read peak or average reading and SWR directly on an extra high quality meter movement. Doesn’t require extra charts/graphs. Reads forward or reflected power, peak or average and SWR at-a-glance.

Mirage precision SWR/Watt meters also feature negligible insertion loss, a remote coupler mounting, low battery indicator, and a large 5-inch easy-to-read meter. Line impedance is 50 Ohms. Requires 9-13.6 VDC or 9 Volt battery, not included. Measures a compact 5 ¾" W x 4 ½" H x 5 ¾" D. Weighs just 3.5 lbs. Four models to choose from: 1.8 to 30 MHz, 50 to 200 MHz, 420 to 450 MHz, and 1260 to 1300 MHz. Each has Mirage’s superb one year parts and labor warranty.

Frequency (MHz): 50 - 200.
SWR Sensitivity: 1-2 Watts.
Power Range: 50,500 & 1500 Watts.

Remote Coupler Mounting
Line impedance - 50 Ohms
Insertion Loss-negligible
Power Requirements 9 - 13.6 VDC or 9V Battery (not incl.)
Low Battery Indicator
Large Highly visible Meter
Weight - 3.5 lbs.

ModelFrequencySWR sensPower
MP-11.8-30 MHz1-2 Watts25,200,2000 Watts
MP-250-200 MHz1-2 Watts50,500,1500 Watts
MP-3420-450 MHz5 Watts5,50,150 Watts
MP-41260-1300 MHz1 Watt1,10,100 Watts

VHF R.AMP,10-12W I
Only $599.95!

DUAL BAND 144/440
Only $199.95!

VHF AMP,25W IN-160
Only $369.95!

Only $49.95!

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